We at The Neat Nest are committed to our Comprehensive Cleaning System and stand behind our process, our teams, and our rates – we are here to make your nest neat, so you don’t have to – we truly want you to put your mind (and mop) to rest.

The Neat Nest is a family-owned maid service since 1994. Originally named ‘Clean Star’ and owned by Herbert & Estell Duberry, the entire family was involved.

Herbert and Estell’s daughter, April, began working in the business from the beginning and was eventually promoted to management. In 2007, April’s father decided to pursue full-time ministry and her mother, full-time teaching – so April was groomed to take over the business. After completing her degree at the University of Delaware, April purchased her parent’s client base and formed The Neat Nest in 2008.

Her parents remain involved as advisors to this day. Carrying over her parent’s commitment to excellence, April developed the Comprehensive Cleaning System with the goal of facilitating the most efficient cleaning process possible. All of this while sustaining and respecting the environment.

Continuing the family tradition, April’s husband Tony, is also an integral part of the company. April and Tony, together with their three children, are grateful for the opportunity to help each and every one of their Clients. When you put your mind and mop to rest, you are calling the Owners of the Neat Nest directly. April & Tony know you putting your own nest into their hands and they desire to bring their Clients the best service possible.

Thank you so much for visiting The Neat Nest and considering a modern approach to maintaining a beautiful home. I know how exciting yet frustrating the process of selecting a maid service can be, and I hope that we can help make things a little more pleasant for you.

If you have any questions, please email me directly and of course, call me directly at 443.824.6754 and we will begin to customize the perfect home cleaning plan for you.

I have a well-managed and clean home, but the process of getting there wasn’t easy. It is something that I have refined over time, through much trial and error. We’re all in a constant struggle to find the balance between work and personal life. The ongoing work of properly maintaining a home can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. I hope that our industry experience, combined with our personalized touches, can do the same for you and your lifestyle; just as it continues to do for mine. Ultimately, creating for you a neater nest, allowing you more time for the people and things that matter to you! I appreciate your business and would love to talk to you, or any of my Clients at any time. E-mail me or give me a call!

Very neatly yours,

Neat Nest Cleaning Specialists

Our team members are cleaning specialists. They are highly trained professionals, who have a passion for the beautification of nests. They all undergo background and drug testing, not only in the during the process, but also through their tenure.

Where applicable, they also undergo schedule driver record evaluations. Taking personal ownership of their work, they also share our core passions about the details. Our cleaning specialists are engaging and pet-friendly.